About Mike

Hi there!

I’m Mike Fourcher, a journalist and news business professional. I’ve founded and operated a number of news sites, including a neighborhood hyperlocal site, a subscription political news service, and a legal cannabis industry newsletter. In between I’ve consulted for and operated many other news businesses. I’m also a proud, founding member of the Local Independent Online News Association.

Before all this news stuff, I spent some time in U.S. politics, including time on Capitol Hill, a staffer for two Secretaries of the Energy Department, and on lots of national and local campaigns.

Politics, the human process of deciding who gets what, when, and where, is fascinating to me, and I love the struggle of understanding and discussing it.

What I’m Up To

Lately, I’ve been working on better understanding global climate negotiations and the political around climate. As I figure that out, I’m running a free newsletter, Heat Rising, that includes reporting from me – and my observations as I puzzle everything out. You obviously also found Middling Industries, which is my “hobby writing” site, where I write about just about everything except the work I’m supposed to be doing.

How To Find Me

Our world is increasingly fractured, so you can probably find me in a bunch of places, at different times.

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Thanks for reaching out. I love to talk to people. It’s the best part of being here.