Clear Out Your Fall 2020 Calendar

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If you think we’re enduring a great national nightmare now, what’s to come will be even worse.

Bill O’Reilly’s latest book, “The United States of Trump” is at #7 on Amazon right now, with barely no promotion. A poll conducted by NPR/PBS/Marist finds that 46% of Americans do not support an impeachment investigation. Despite rumblings about executives losing their nerve, Fox News is still spinning the impeachment story as a vicious attack on American values.

Not only is it not hard to find people who support Donald Trump, clear battlelines are forming up on Trump’s impeachment. Sure, there’s enough support to impeach him in the House of Representatives, but is there anywhere close to the required 66 senators needed to convict him, when there are only 47 Senate Democrats?

The Senate won’t convict.

Despite overwhelming evidence that he tried to pressure a foreign leader to attack a political rival, I don’t believe Trump is going to leave office over this. He won’t resign, it’s not in his character. The only way he leaves is by forced removal. Like, Congress votes that he needs to leave on a certain date and military officers come tell him he needs to leave the Oval Office, now.

But that’s not going to happen. Republicans know how badly they’d do with Mike Pence at the top of the ticket, and their base would eat them alive for abandoning the fight for Trump – just like the Democratic base would have abandoned their party if impeachment proceedings hadn’t started.

We’re on a collision course to oblivion, my fellow Americans. Trump will escape impeachment, his supporters will roar and the rest of us will enter a period of even deeper disillusionment and confusion.

Those of us who pay attention to the facts of the news will be outraged that Trump will be allowed to keep stomping on the Constitution. The other America, who views Trump as a bulwark against change, will cheer on his illegalities. They’ll buy more Trump hotel rooms and make emoluments jokes. They’ll celebrate ICE raids, taunt refugees and yank federal assistance for Latino children. They’ll pass around pseudo-fascist Trump quotes, like “The future does not belong to globalists. The future belongs to patriots.”

It’s time for us all to consider what we’re going to do when this day comes, and it will be here within a matter of months. Congress will fail to remove Trump and America will be left with one option – Trump and his supporters must be defeated at the ballot box clearly and overwhelmingly.

Consider this: The America you and I experience, dear reader, is a comfortable place. You are likely educated, work in an office, try new restaurants, and go on vacations to far-off places. Trumpist America is built for us, enforcing an underclass of black and brown people, poor and indigent, sealed in a cauldron of eternal violence and poverty, with restricted access to pleasures we consider mundane.

We detest Trump and his ilk because it is wrong. Because it means that some portion of America is shoved into a dark corner with foul water and tainted food and a police force encouraged to cruelty, watching to make sure they don’t step out of line. It may not be happening where you can see it but rest assured, it is happening. And Trump likes it.

Impeachment will fail. And then it will be up to us to get him out of office. Clear out your calendar for August, September and October 2020. We will only have one chance. You will be needed.