What Did You Do On Saturday Morning?


Last week over a dozen friends sent me amazing videos from around the world to show what they were doing on their Saturdays.

First, I want to say thank you for taking a risk and getting in front of the camera. It’s scary! But it was great to see your faces. You sent in great stuff!

Second, it was just amazing to see so many scenes from so many places. Many of you sent much more video than I could use.

If there’s anything I got from your submissions, it’s that regardless of the political moment, the world is a big and wonderful place. Your videos allow us to peer into your personal worlds. It was a reminder that, when we think about ourselves, in these mortal coils, our lives may seem humdrum, normal, maybe even boring. But the truth is that we each have wondrous, fantastic existences. Even the most boring, regular things we do can be interesting to someone else.

Thank you for letting us in and giving us a glimpse of your day.