Introducing The “Politics Is Personal” Podcast

Politics Is Personal Podcast

Politics is a strange business. For those of us who watch it from the sidelines, it can be stress-inducing, often perplexing. But for people who have made politics a living, it is somehow an exciting and addictive experience.

This week I’m launching a new podcast, Politics Is Personal, to ask people who work in politics: Why are you in this business, and what compels you to stay in such a stressful line of work, when you could easily do something less stressful, and probably more lucrative?

Each Tuesday and Thursday I’ll release new interviews with people who work in the trenches of politics, organizing rallies, lobbying legislation, advising leaders behind the scenes. Maybe you’ve seen these names in the news, but they’re most likely directing the actions that make the headlines.

Take a listen to the podcast preview. I’ve been working on this for a few months and I’m excited by the result. I hope you subscribe!
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