What Did You Do On Saturday Morning?

Last week over a dozen friends sent me amazing videos from around the world to show what they were doing on their Saturdays.

First, I want to say thank you for taking a risk and getting in front of the camera. It’s scary! But it was great to see your faces. You sent in great stuff!

Second, it was just amazing to see so many scenes from so many places. Many of you sent much more video than I could use.

If there’s anything I got from your submissions, it’s that regardless of the political moment, the world is a big and wonderful place. Your videos allow us to peer into your personal worlds. It was a reminder that, when we think about ourselves, in these mortal coils, our lives may seem humdrum, normal, maybe even boring. But the truth is that we each have wondrous, fantastic existences. Even the most boring, regular things we do can be interesting to someone else.

Thank you for letting us in and giving us a glimpse of your day.

Flipping The Script

This week, I’d like to flip the script and ask you to help tell a story. I want to tell the story of 9:00 a.m., Saturday morning of people around the United States and around the world.

Anyone, anywhere can do this! If you have a smartphone less than five years old, you’ll produce broadcast quality video. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. A shot with a greeting from you, family, friends, or whoever you like from wherever you are, in whatever language or manner you choose. Don’t forget to say your name, and where you are.

  2. A second shot where you describe where you are and what you’re doing.

  3. A third shot that shows the area around you and what’s going on.

  4. On top of that, any other kind of shot or shots you like. No more than three minutes of video. It can be just people or cars, or boats going around, you holding the camera while you walk through the neighborhood, or you doing what you usually do on a Saturday morning.

Remember: make sure your shots are steady! Tripods are great if you have one. Also, be sure to keep your camera running for three seconds after you finish your shot – we’ll need that space for editing.

When you’re done, I’ve got a dropbox folder for you to upload video to. Email me at mike@fourcher.netso I can send you the settings.

I’ll edit everything and post it within the next week. I know your video is going to be incredible.

Going Deep On Vacation

Every summer Teresa, Nicolas and I take a week vacation right before school starts after Labor Day. This year I tried to think hard about what the time off means for me, and for the rest of my family.

I’ve tried to capture some of what we did on our trip, which ends tomorrow, and to get a bit of what each of us think about our time away from reality. If you like what you see, please subscribe to my channel.

Two Guys Go: Travel Videos To Latin America

Almost two months ago my friend Darian and I flew down to Mexico City to check out the city over Memorial Day weekend. Darian work in the travel business and happens to be an expert on Latin America and I wanted to shoot some video. So we decided to make a travel video. This week, I present to you, Two Guys Go: Mexico City, the first of our travel video series.

It turns out that making a decent travel video is hard work. You need to plan logistics, research where you’re going, make sure you’ve got good shots, and say lots of witty and informative things. If you surf YouTube, most travel videos stay interesting with bikini shots and so-called “adventure travel”, but since we’re two middle-aged dudes, that’s not in the cards.

Two Guys Go is meant to be a realistic guide to travel. We go to places that aren’t typical tourist haunts and are far from “glam” travel. If you’re thinking about going to Mexico City, you could certainly do everything we did and expect to experience the city as many Mexicans do.

So, click here to watch our videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel Two Guys Go, and if you like it, tell all your friends to do the same!