The Lemonade Habit

A fresh squeezed pitcher, in my backyard, ready for consumption. Do you like lemonade? Not everyone does. Unfortunately, the kind of lemonade most of us drink is the powdered stuff...

What’s the point?

I’m fine, and everyone I know is fine. COVID, climate change, insurrection, it’s all someone else’s problem because my family and I are just trying to figure out how to make it where we are, you know? I mean, things are hard enough as it is, I don’t need to start getting all bummed out by the stuff going on in other places with other people.

Pandemic Powerlessness and Depression

I’ve always felt a crucial something has been missing from my interactions. Furiously attempting to connect with as many people as I could during the pandemic, I didn’t realize – as I finally do now – that I was missing subtle social cues that just don’t transfer electronically.

The Creative Barriers

The long days of summer have finally arrived, and with them comes a struggle to focus on pressing issues. The herbs have overgrown in my backyard, a clear sign that...