The reckless abandon of crowds

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I am jonesing for travel and crowds in the worst way imaginable. And yes, the drug reference is right on the money because it is the dopamine and serotonin rushes I need. This time last year I had jumped on a plane every few weeks. Off to visit family in Egypt for Thanksgiving, then to see family in Boston in January, then to visit friends and my sister in New York City.

Every stop brought newness and perspective to my life. Cheap flights (at least to Boston and New York) and family as a winning combination that thrilled and reassured me that no matter the distance, the ties I imagined still bound me and my closest relations together.

But scrolling through photos on my phone it’s the crowds that I miss. The reckless abandon we all had being in a single place.

This waiting thing…waiting for a vaccine, waiting for herd immunity, waiting for safety, is so hard. I just want to get back to indiscriminately being in large groups of people without thinking about, “Is it worth it?”